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Yoga Poses with Mark Giubarelli - 2

Online Yogi welcomes you to another secret trail of yoga poses.

About the sequence. General motion.
Forward bends. Abdominals, lower back bends, and spinal twists and a pose.

Stand in Tadasana for 8 to 12 breaths.
Observe the feet with the mind and make sure weight is even on the ball point of the big toe, pinky toe and mid point of the heal. Expand an even weight from these three areas on both feet.
Observe how the air you breath changes the shape of the body. This continual changing causes the body to fluctuate and makes balance hard. Try to bring a steadiness to the body throughout tadasana.
Raise through the top of the head to create more distance between the bones in the spine.
"A lot of people ask me how to do the headstand properly. Master tadasana the standing pose shown and you master the headstand. Understand how the body is shifted and changed through the breath and you will master a steady body."

Stand in Utanasana for 8 to 12 breaths.

If you can't come all the way down don't worry just come down as far as you can.

If you feel really uncomfortable when holding the posture bend the knees. Straighten them after you have rested for a moment.
"Try feeling how far your body can move into the pose. When there is a little resistance in the muscles stop and try to rest there. Push a little further if you can do so comfortably."

Stand in this variation of Utkatasana for 8 to 12 breaths.
If the neck feels strained allow the head to tilt forward.

Take about 4 to 6 breaths in this forward bend.
If you cannot touch the toes use a strap or just hold the legs.

Hold the forward bend for 12 breaths.

Place the hands under the tailbone to raise the pelvis and take some of the strain away from the lower back.
Push the legs together and extend through the toes. Take the knees to the chest and extend exhale extend them out again. Try different hights for the floor. Each time hold for a few breaths.

Bend the knees. Wrap the hands around the legs and bring the knees to the chest.

Begin to exhale and bring the knees in. Then inhale and release. Taking the head up is optional since it can cause strain around the neck.

Do this 4 times.

Enter a mild spinal twist. Bending one knee and keeping the other straight. You can push through the heels, toes or the ball points of the toes on the straight leg.

Place the opposite hand on the bent knee to move it further down. The left arm extends out sideways and the shoulder is brought towards or on the floor. Do this for about 5 - 8 breaths. Then do the opposite side.

Bend the knees and place the feet on the floor close to the tailbone.

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