Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga

Back Bend Sequence
These Yoga Postures are really nice when sequenced together and performed many times. Perform them lightly a few times before holding and you'll find your mind and body welcomes each Yoga Postures when its held and the length of time can be held held is increased.

This first Yoga Postures is a straight leg bridge pose.

Place the hands beside the head and come on to the top of the head with an exhalation.

Come back down onto the shoulders and take the feet back so that you sit on the heels.

Place the beside the shoulders and re-adjust the position of the arms taking the elbows down and coming up onto the ball points of the toes.

Try rolling on different points on the head.

Try rolling on different points on the head always making sure the neck feels safe and spacious.

Printable Vinyasa Yoga Cards. Click on any of the images to get to printable page.
flowing vinyasa
Printable Yoga Cards

cobra pose Bhujangasana
  bridge head
Setu Bandha Sirsasana

  cobra pose Bhujangasana

  bridge on the head
Setu Bandha Sirsasana

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